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Here you will find video interviews with some of our most insightful speakers as well as downloadable eBooks created with the input of our speakers, delegates and sponsors. The American Supply Chain Summit attracts innovative supply chain leaders and suppliers. In the build up to the summit, we took the time to sit down with some key players to gather their insights on the impact of industry 4.0, and workforce management.

Speaker Interviews


“Industry 4.0 is the culmination of several technological innovations all coming to the forefront; sophisticated sensors, cloud computing, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and advanced robotics. These connected devices utilize RFID, Wi-Fi, cellular networks and other technologies to communicate with each other and the cloud to become the Internet of Things… In terms of industry, this revolution entails the utilization of cyber-connected systems which monitor factory processes to maximize efficiency and reduce downtime.”
– Bossard North America

“Managers at all levels consistently underestimate the effort it takes to implement both new processes and new technology. They underestimate the change management necessary to get people to use or follow it and to become more productive. You have to be conservative around how long it’s going to take for new technology to work and be adopted.”
– Bill Remy, Chairman & CEO, TBM Consulting