American Supply Chain Summit 2017 Program (855.1 KiB)

Day One

April 24th, 2017

7:00 am – 8:00 am


8:00 am – 8:10 am

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Cost Optimization

Dave Malenfant

Director, Center for Supply Chain Innovation
Texas Christian University


Mike Butkus

Former VP, Strategic Supply
McDonald's USA

8:10 am – 8:50 am


Nic Vu

GM & SVP, Direct-to-Consumer North America
Adidas Group

Unlocking the Future of Supply Chain Through Authentic Employee Engagement

  • The Nic Vu story: How to resuscitate a declining model & build a great brand
  • Unveiling the "secret sauce" that helps momentum for alignment of employee goals
  • How to build a culture of open communication and move your organization's thinking forward
  • Entering a world of interactivity: Why developing technology will help your company chase the consumer
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8:55 am – 9:35 am


David Kadrie

VP, Lean Six SIgma

Attracting the millennial generation: Future of supply chain depends on talent

  • Why companies need to attract the millennial generation and best practices for doing so
  • What 3M has been doing to attract millennial supply chain talent and the success it has seen so far
  • What millennials are looking for: formal development programs, experiential development opportunities, flexible career paths
  • Why a culture of innovation and continuous improvement is so important
9:40 am – 11:15 am

Pre-Arranged One-To-One Networking & Refreshments

11:20 am – 11:55 am

Cost Optimization

Mike Eilola

VP ISC Americas
Honeywell Aerospace

Examining the Impact of Factory Digitization in Aerospace

  • The Aerospace supply base is characterized by geographically dispersed discrete (i.e. not continuous) manufacturing operations
  • Historically, the industry has placed a premium on product functionality, at the expense of producibility and cost
  • Lower technical hurdles and expansion of economies in high growth regions have meant more competition in the industry and a need for lower cost
  • Digitization of our factories and broader use of statistical process controls is necessary for improved product yield, cost and quality


Dan Key

SVP, Operations & Supply Chain
Axalta Coating Systems

Talent Management for the Global Supply Chain Industry: The Value of Workforce Planning

  • Talent management as a business driver for future successes in quality, service and costs
  • Managing your talent in an increasingly complex marketplace and developing your succession plans
  • Investment decisions for attracting, developing and retaining your top talent
  • Talent drivers and trends that will impact your supply chain
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12:00 pm – 12:35 pm

Cost Optimization

Ken Koenemann

TBM Consulting Group

Creating Organizational Readiness for the Growing Sentiment of Nationalism, Pending Tax Reform and Trade Agreements

  • First chance to learn about the findings of a newly released research study of 125 supply chain and operations professionals
  • Learn about the potential impact of global government policy changes on manufacturers
  • Understand manufacturers’ preparedness and readiness for those changes
  • Key take-aways, talent implications and suggested actions for success
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Kerwin Everson

VP, Supply Chain Solutions
RMG Networks

Benefits of Visual Supply Chain Metrics — Improve Productivity, Create Behavior Modification and More

  • Integrating Data From disparate sources into an aggregated synthesized view
  • Providing stakeholders with a real-time "Whole Chain" view versus a static "Siloed View"
  • Metrics that can be improved: productivity, exceptions, non-productive time, OTD, product flow, safety and quality
  • Together we will look at these tools in action via real world case studies and the associated ROI
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12:40 pm – 1:40 pm

Lunch & Learn Round-Table Discussions

  • On-site registration is required for round-table discussions

Wil Henderson

Gibson Consulting Group

Role of Cross-functional Teams and Skill-based Training in Sourcing Transformation

Mohinshu Trivedi

Head of Financial Partnerships
The Credit Junction

Increasing Working Capital and Supply Chain Visibility Through Financial Technology

Grant Dearborn

Procurement Leader & Advisor
Velocity Sourcing Group

Building Blocks of a Successful Procurement Technology Transformation

Toby Miller

President & CEO

Leveraging the Modern Web for Complete Supply Chain Visibility

Jason Lum

Strategic Account Manager
Apex Supply Chain Technologies

Automating mobile asset management to increase productivity and decrease costs

1:45 pm – 2:25 pm

Cost Optimization

Mike Butkus

Former VP, Strategic Supply
McDonald's USA

How to reduce costs through supply chain network optimization

  • Running supply chain network scenarios, evaluating and implementing sustainable changes
  • Adapting to scenarios like new product introduction, changes in demand pattern, addition of new supply sources, and changes in tax laws
  • Driving ownership on end-to-end supply chain cost, including purchase, production, warehousing and transportation
  • Understanding when and which stakeholders to involve in managing emerging complexities in your supply chain
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Rachmani Domersant

VP, International Operations
Food For The Poor, Inc.

Avoid the Blow to the Bottom Line: Stay Ahead of the Skills Shortage

  • Innovative learning and HR strategies to strengthen the talent supply chain
  • Acquiring the perfect candidate with a diverse talent pool — selecting employees outside the industry that can be developed into top talent
  • Reinforce employee collaboration to enable better communication- bridging the gap for the emerging needs across the factory
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2:30 pm – 3:50 pm

Pre-Arranged One-To-One Networking & Refreshments

3:55 pm – 4:30 pm


Mark Pierson

Corporate Sourcing Executive, Logistics

Seeing the Big Picture: Gaining Visibility Across Your Supply Chain Network

  • Improve internal cross-departmental visibility and integration into supply chain transactions and cost
  • Best practices to identify shortages and quality problems along the supply chain
  • Streamline processes to make monitoring easier, enhance the usability and efficiency for your employees
  • Managing risk: build in the ability to analyze and respond to disruptions
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4:35 pm – 5:15 pm


Dave Malenfant

Director, Center for Supply Chain Innovation
Texas Christian University

Become the Model: Driving the People, Trends and Process within your Digital Supply Chain

  • Defining the supply chain and your digital supply chain drivers
  • A closer look: Delving into IoT, big data, trends and innovation
  • Assessing the impact of digital business trends impacting your supply chain
  • An overview of customer integration into the supply chain: financial, operational and constituency
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5:20 pm – 6:00 pm

Closing Presentation

Sergio Frias

VP, Contracts
Bombardier Commercial Aircraft


  • Taking a more strategic approach to supply chain management
  • Aligning functions across the business to drive supply chain excellence
  • Going beyond cost reduction and control to enable profitable growth
  • Improving supply chain excellence by driving revenue growth, capturing market share and enhancing customer satisfaction
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6:05 pm – 6:10 pm

Chair’s Closing Remarks

Dave Malenfant

Director, Center for Supply Chain Innovation
Texas Christian University

6:10 pm – 7:10 pm

Networking & Drinks Reception

Day One